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  1. Free Asian Dating

    August 14, 2010 by Doctor Love Asian women seem to portray a sense of sexuality that is emphasized in everything that they do. If you simply adore Asian women, then is the perfect place for you. These women are stunning, and they are willing to meet you. There are several different ways that you can get matched with a hot sexy Asian on One of the key features that men simply cannot get pass when it comes to Asian women is their captivating eyes. These women will not only captivate your eyes, but they also will be able to captivate your heart. Find the girl of your dreams today!

  2. Newyork-Date

    by Doctor Love This site is dedicated to busy New Yorkers who want to meet others but often don’t know where to start. If you are tired of the bar scene, then you will love to meet others who are seeking to meet people with common interests and goals without going to the bars to find them. Review the profiles and photos to see who is out there in your neighborhood that you are too busy to meet any other way. It will amaze you who you see or find. It could be that good looking man or beautiful woman you passed on the way to work but didn’t have the time to talk. Now you can make that connection to finally say "hello".

  3. Prison Service Dating

    by Doctor Love Just because someone is in prison does not mean they don’t want to have a relationship. allows you to meet that person in prison who wants to form a relationship. Understand that many are going to be released so the relationship can start while they are incarcerated and explode when they are released. Start that relationship you have been wanting with that special someone when you check out the site that has many wonderful people just waiting to meet you. It can be the beginning of a new terrific loving relationship with the person of your dreams. Don’t wait, check out the profiles and make that connection.

  4. Fire Service Dating

    by Doctor Love When you want to date a hot person, is the site for you. You are able to meet people in the fire service that are seeking to meet people like you. But beware, these members not only work in a hot environment, they have the hot personalities to match! Go to to find that person who will add fire to your cold boring life. You will be amazed at the types of members you will find on this site! Add some spice to your life to make it hot and exciting as you finally meet that person who can make you burn with desire and anticipation.

  5. Royal Navy Dating

    by Doctor Love When you want to date someone in the royal navy, you now make that connection with It has many members of the royal navy that are looking for someone to date and make that special connection. The site offers membership to anyone that is serious about meeting the people in the navy who are seeking a union of many types. Review the members to see who is interesting and contact them to meet. It is a simple process that will change your life from one of being lonely to one of having that special someone in your life. Make that needed change by going to

  6. Police-Dating

    by Doctor Love Meet the men and women of various police forces when joining this site. They are sworn to protect and serve the public with their jobs so they are dedicated to relationships. Enjoy the dating of a police officer to enrich your life with the type of person that has all the traits you admire. If a uniform is a turn-on, then you are in luck when you connect with these members of Most wear a uniform that will add that spice to your life. These are a unique group of people who have a different look on life so be prepared to see the world in a new light!

  7. Army-Dating

    by Doctor Love This site is dedicated to the army enlisted people that are looking for others both enlisted and citizens. It connects the army personnel with people that understand their busy and complicated schedules. It is a great way to make that connection with an army based person. Review the profiles or add your own to join Post your photo and short bio to find your next date. It is fast and easy to find your match or someone interesting to date in the services. Join now to start finding that army enlisted date of your dreams and a new future.

  8. Brown-Dating

    by Doctor Love When you want to see the person you are communicating with online, it helps to have a video of that person. Many people will post a photo that may be them or even an older photo that no longer is how they look. has videos of members for you to view so you can see whom you are talking or want to talk to before taking the steps to contact them. It reduces the shock of the first meeting when the person isn’t anything like you expected! You can review the videos free so it won’t cost you anything to check out people.

  9. Smokers-Dating

    by Doctor Love Sometimes it is hard for a smoker to find due to their smoking habit. This site is dedicate to help out smokers find another smoker or someone that doesn’t mind their habit. When you have the options to find someone that accepts your habit then you remove the negatives of finding someone to date. As a smoker, you already know the complications of finding someone that doesn’t frown when you light up. Due to the country’s attitude about smoking, it is harder to find someone to date if you are a smoker. Use the site to make a connection that won’t interrupt your smoking!

  10. Non-Smokers-Dating

    by Doctor Love

    Not everyone smokes or likes to be around those who do smoke. Non-smokers-dating is designed to create relationships of non-smokers looking to meet their match. Remove the chances of the person smoking when you join this site that is designed for you as a non-smoker. Meet the people who take life and health seriously by not lighting up anything but their mate. Review the members to find that attractive or appealing person that will want to spend time getting to know you and share quality time. Think of the wonderful times you will have once you join the site to find someone who feels like you do about smoking and avoids the hazardous habit.

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