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Friends with benefits relationship; good source of fun, enjoyment and sex

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Friends with benefits are a relationship in which two partner or two people enjoy sex, fun without any commitment and attachment.

Friends with benefits relationship have numerous benefits. So, keep enjoying the advantages that one can get from this relationship. Some benefits are as follows;

  • This kind of relationship is best for those who do not want to enter into a serious relationship at all. So, when someone is not in a serious relationship, he or she is completely free to look someone else. This is the biggest perk of this relationship. So, keep enjoying this perk and have fun.
  • Enough time and enough space is the another park that one can get from the relationship. One is not in a serious relationship, so he or she has enough space and enough liberty to do things what they want to do. One can have enough time to pursue the goal. So, this benefit is the most interesting benefits that one gets from friends with benefits relationship.

As we know, nothing in this world is free. One has to pay some price or some cost for getting something. And the same thing happens with this relationship also. It also has some demerits or disadvantages that may not be apparent at all in the beginning. But after sometimes, the partners feel difficult situation that are in this relationship. Some of the demerits of this relationship are as follows;

  • The first and the biggest advantage that comes with this relationship is that it is a very poor substitute for real relationship. It is truly said that this relationship is just like a junk food that feels good in the starting, but not at all good for the health, as it gives no nutritious value at all. This kind of relationship is just same, as it satisfies the hunger of sex in the beginning but never satisfies ones soul. This relationship gives a false feeling of security to the person, which is not at all good.
  • This kind of relationship is also concerned with the health issues. In this kind of relationship, one does not know anything about the romantic history or the medical history of his or her prospective partner. And without knowing all these things, one enjoys sex with his or her partner. So, in such situation, chances of HIV and AIDS are much. And theses disease is very dangerous for health.
  • With this kind of relationship, one cannot find their true love at all, as it is not a serious relationship.

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